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Safe-Fi Solution

Safe-Fi is a mobile emergency communications system which allows an individual to automatically send a distress signal to a personal contact, safety or security and/or 911 any time the user feels in danger. The app also allows users to send GPS location and critical health information (i.e., allergies, diabetic) to an emergency contact via phone call, email, SMS and push notification. Safe-Fi for organizations enables them to customize and set up a Safe-Fi Zone. Safe-Fi Zones enable the smart transfer of data based on your geolocation. Inside a Zone you will instantly transfer a safety packet of data to designated personnel and/or 911. Outside of a Safe-Fi Zone an alert is transferred to a personal contact and/or 911.

  • Send and receive more data for smarter response
  • SNAPP technology – patented, no one else offers
  • GPS positioning – increases data delivery time by over 40%

Safe-Fi Features

Every Second Counts with Safety

  • Smart Text Capability

    Send updating smart safety packet to help others find and appropriately respond to you faster and more effectively.

  • Customizable geo-fences

    Customizable geo-fences to alert a specified phone number based on location.

  • Live GPS Location

    Live GPS Location trail that helps responders track the position of someone who has been kidnapped or is on the move

  • SafeFi Smart Safety Packet

    Allergies, medical conditions, vehicle information, and other critical data can be provided to receivers via user profile. (secured by Microsoft Azure).

Technology Promoting and Delivering Safety

SNAPP Technology | Protection in a SNAPP

SNAPP launches instantly and discreetly. Simply press the power button repeatedly and the SafeFi app will launch an alert with vital information. It’s that fast! Fully patented, only app of its kind! Immediate Activation Instant notification GPS location sharing Customizable alert message

Real-time Suspicious Activity Tracking

SafeFi mobile app allow users to take control of their safety and the safety of others by reporting suspicious activity to the designated security personnel. The sharing of crucial detail information to safety officials can prevent incidents from happening. We call it Bystander Prevention! Provides in-depth incident description Shares location details Shows user’s profile information Share real-time photos and other media files

Timer Mode

Timer Mode Timing is Everything When every second counts, there’s not time to waste. Timer Mode instantly sends an alert quietly and discreetly when you are feeling vulnerable or uncomfortable. Users can auto start an alert after a certain period of time. If Timer Mode is not stopped before the timer hits 0, an emergency alert will automatically be sent. Discreet alert User-initiated timer for moments of uncertainty Auto-alert feature Never walk alone again

SafeFi Information Center (SIC)

Seamless Integration, Additional Hardware Not Required SafeFi Information Center is a cloud-based communication tool used to help security personnel identify, track, and respond to emergency incidents. SIC allows you to manage incidents from any desktop, tablet or smartphone at any location. SIC provides vital information to security personnel throughout the incident, until first responders arrive on the scene. Seamless integration with no hardware requirements Grouping and alert scheduling Full detail of incidents Map view with live incident tracking

SafeFi Zones | Customize Your Protection

Protecting what matters most is now easier than ever! GeoFence technology allows organizations, colleges, and institutions to put custom virtual fences around areas that need protecting. If you are beyond the GeoFence, SafeFi shares alerts with your personal contacts via SMS and email. SafeFi has you covered whether you’re inside or outside of the GeoFence. Instantly identifies location of user Searches for the nearest SafeFi receivers Sends alert data to security personnel Notifies authorities when users are off site

Safety Profile | Vital Information Sharing

SafeFi Solution provide pertinent profile information to help security personnel easily identify users and their medical needs. This vital information equips first responders/EMT with the appropriate information needed to provide the best care possible. Allergies and medical information Physical description Emergency contact Live streaming location with bread crumbing technology


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